If you are ordered to appear in court by a judge or through a citation, you must appear. If you fail to appear in court, a bench warrant may be issued ordering for your immediate arrest. If you’re issued a warrant, you may be arrested at your home, workplace or after being stopped for a traffic offense.

If you’re stopped by the police with an outstanding warrant you may be taken into custody, asked to appear before a judge, and required to explain why you failed to appear in court. The judge may then issue a penalty in the form of a large fine or jail sentence, in addition to a conviction on your criminal record. A judge may decide to release or keep you jail pending resolution of your case, however, if you’re released, you must pay a bond or cash to be released from jail.

DMV Vegas will assist with researching and quashing your warrant. In most cases, we are able to quash your warrant within 24 hours or the very same day you retain our services. It is important to ensure that the situation does not escalate, lead to higher fines, jail time bail costs, a blemished police record, missed work, or further embarrassment to yourself and your family.

In addition to quashing your warrant, DMV Vegas will assist in the negotiation of the original, underlying ticket and resolve the matter once and for all. In most cases, your ticket will be reduced to an illegal parking ticket with NO points against your driving record, no traffic school, no mandatory court appearances, no insurance notification and reduced court fines. If your license has been suspended, we will obtain for you the FTA (Failure to Appear) clearance from the court. You can then take the FTA to the Department of Motor Vehicles and have your license reinstated. There is no additional charge for assistance when obtaining a clearance.

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