Legal Services Las Vegas


Notary Services

Receive notarization of legal documents within minutes.

Our Notary services are fast, reliable and comprehensive. We have the expertise, knowledge and experience to handle your most important documents with care and precision. Due to our wealth of experience, we are prepared for any unexpected needs that may arise. We’ve completed signings for title and escrow companies, attorneys, immigration consultants, financial planners, individual and families.


Traffic Tickets

The circumstances surrounding each traffic ticket citation are different.

Civil traffic violations include, but are not limited to speeding, failure to provide proof or registration, a valid driver’s license, car insurance and/or failure to obey a traffic control device. Fight your traffic ticket and protect your record. Many people receive a ticket and believe that all hope is lost. This is not the case. We use many techniques to help you reduce fines and penalties, avoid suspension, reduce points on your license, protect your insurance rates, maintain your privacy and protect your commercial driver’s license. Tickets can often carry serious repercussion for your driving record for years to come.



DMV Vegas will assist with researching and quashing your warrant. In most cases, we are able to quash your warrant within 24 hours or the very same day you retain our services. It is important to ensure that the situation does not escalate, lead to higher fines, jail time bail costs, a blemished police record, missed work, or further embarrassment to yourself and your family.