Out of State Registration

Avoid lines and other delay at your local motor vehicle office. DMV Vegas offers vehicle registration services for out of state transfers or purchases. We will ensure that all state requirements are met, provide access to state forms and requirements and we will pre-process your transactions, estimate motor vehicle fees and taxes, and we offer application assistance that ensures the entire process is easy and efficient.

Vehicles purchased from an Out-Of-State Dealer must present the following documents:

  • Evidence of Insurance Card
  • Bill of Sale or Invoice
  • Title
  • Emission Vehicle Inspection Report
  • VIN inspection
  • Completed Vehicle Registration Form

Sales Taxes - You may or may not be charged sales tax at registration.

Vehicle must be registered before the expiration of any movement permit issued.

Odometer Statement - Ensure the dealer completes this statement on the title or certificate of origin on vehicles 9 years old or newer. The original copy of a separate statement is also acceptable.