Guide to Handling Traffic Tickets

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August 13, 2015
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Guide to Handling Traffic Tickets

If you get a traffic ticket, there are three options on how to plead: guilty, no contest or not guilty. If you choose to plead guilty or no contest, you are required to pay your fine before the court appearance listed on the citation expires. If you choose to plead “not guilty” you must present a strong defense to reduce charges of have your traffic ticket dismissed. If you choose to challenge the ticket, you are required to appear in court. However you decide to plead – timing is of the essence – and you must submit a response before the court appearance date on your ticket passes.

It is important to not ignore your traffic ticket. There are consequences that could result in issuing a bench warrant, affect your credit rating and may even lead to suspension of your Nevada driver’s license. There are essentially two real options – pay or contest your Nevada traffic ticket. The DMV will suspend your driver’s license if you accumulate 12 or more points on your driving record.

If the option of attending traffic safety school is available to you, take it (if you have between 3 and 11 points on your driving record) than completing a course will remove 3 points. Points remain on your driving record for up to a year from the date of your Nevada citation, and even though the points are erased, the citation remains on your driving record.

With regard to payment, the fine should be listed on your citation, but if you’ve questions, each court is different, so it’s important to contact the court for payment information. Traffic tickets are issued by county and municipality. You may have the option of arranging a payment plan, or push back your court date.

If you decide to fight your Nevada traffic ticket, you may want to hire a traffic ticket attorney to get your charges reduced or ticket dismissal. Hiring an attorney, may save you from a suspended driver’s license and/or increased car insurance rates.

If you choose to plead “not guilty” you must present a strong defense to reduce charges of have your traffic ticket entirely dismissed.

Serious violations – like a DUI or leaving the scene of an accident – usually requires a mandatory court appearance. .