In the City of Henderson a business is defined as:

“any commercial enterprise, trade, occupation, calling, profession, vocation or activity engaged in, conducted, carried on, advertised or held out to the public to be a business by any person, his agent or employee for the purpose of gain, benefit or advantage, either direct or indirect, with the principal objective of livelihood and/or profit through repetitive means.”

If you are planning to conduct business within the City of Henderson, you must obtain a business license on or before the date the business begins to operate or commence. Failing to obtain license can result citations, penalties, and even court action.

If you have more than one business or more than one location, separate licenses must be obtained for each and every class and type of business specified in the Henderson Municipal Code even if several types of businesses are operated under the same business name and at the same place of business.

If you’ve just purchased a business, the license issued to the previous owner cannot be used. If you are a new owner, you must apply for a business license under your own name. If you business operates in several cities, you can obtain just one license to do business in all of the cities, if you qualify for a multi-jurisdictional business license.